Eva Moments
brings happiness to you and family

(Eva Moments is in BETA)
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Join the iOS Waitlist

Eva is your personal voice-activated app

Brighten their day by showing your kid’s baseball games, birthday parties, daily reminders of their meds by your favorite daughter, and father-son events using personalized videos and pictures that your elderly loved ones can play with simple commands.
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Show off great moments of your family

Voices of excited grandkids telling you about their piano recital.

Videos of your son talking about their surprise 81st birthday party for you.

Pictures of your family camping trip in Bend, Oregon.

Personal care that's cost free​

Walking down memory lane, Eva Moments recalls the excitement of your first date, your first car, your honeymoon, your kid’s first steps…

Storytelling is conversational and reminiscence therapy.

Eva Moments Caregivers Family Seniors Conversational Reminiscence Therapy
Eva Moments Caregivers Family Seniors Conversational Reminiscence Therapy Mobile

Conversations that last forever​

Remind yourself and your family about the footprints that you’ve made in each other’s lives.

For caregivers and seniors

Eva Moments knows how to bring smiles to you and loved ones on unpredictable and tough days.
Eva Moments Caregivers Family Seniors Supported
Eva Moments Caregivers Family Seniors Supported Mobile

Setup Eva Moments (beta) in moments


1. Download the App

From your loved one's Android device, visit the Google Play Store and download the free Eva Moments app.
iPhone user? Sign up for early access.


2. Create Your Show

Select photos & videos on your loved one’s device to make a Show, such as a recent birthday or spring gardening. Make your story come to life with a narrated voice from you or family.


3. Play Your Show

Seniors and family can speak to Eva using easy commands like “play my birthday.” A familiar voice will respond and your Show will play! The happy birthday party begins 🎵

Join the Eva Community

The Eva Community is a global group open to anyone in the world of seniors, families, friends and caregivers.

We listen. We want your feedback on Eva Moments and features on your wishlist. Join a community facing life experiences similar to you. You’ll also get early access to new Eva Moments features, fun contests and prizes.

Open a conversation with our team of global experts who share the same life challenges of aging and senior caregiving.

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Loved by families and seniors

To individualize an activity for someone is really special. It’s something even I can take advantage of. Eva lets me engage my mom in watching special moments about her life and family. You can just see the look of fascination on Mom’s face when she’s watching videos of herself. It’s truly a special way to engage her brain.
Eva Moments Testimonial Aki
Daughter and caregiver to mom

Frequently Asked Questions

Eva Moments is free!

Seniors, family members, and caregivers use Eva Moments to bring happiness to each other.

Join our Eva Community! It’s an open community group supporting seniors, family members, and caregivers.

Once you’ve downloaded Eva Moments on your device, you won’t need WiFi nor the Internet.

Your photos, videos, and audio clips are securely stored on your device only.

A Show is a combination of your voice telling a 10-second story followed by videos and/or pictures.

Step 1: On your loved one’s device, say “Create Show”

Step 2: Select pictures and videos presented by Eva

Step 3: Add familiar keywords to recall the Show

Step 4: Add a family voice narration to introduce the Show 

Step 5: Optionally add a picture of yourself to match the voice

Step 6: Say “yes” to save the Show

You’re all set!

Step 1: Say “List Shows” and a list of Shows will appear (Example: Mikey’s birthday is displayed)

Step 2: Say “Play” followed by the keywords of a Show (Example: Say “Play Mikey’s birthday”)

Enjoy the Show!